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Teacher Feature - Kelli Pelak, Catholic Central High School

May 12, 2017

Please tell us about yourself. 

I have been teaching for seven years and have spent the last five years at Catholic Central. I am close to my family and feel so blessed to be living and working in the city I grew up in with loved ones close by. I enjoy being active and being involved in sports, so with that I work a lot of athletic events here at CC and coach JV girls in the spring. I also like to travel. My husband and I just bought a camper and booked a trip to Rome this summer, so we are both excited for the summer adventures ahead.

Describe your school. 

Catholic Central is a special place filled with outstanding teachers, staff, and excellent students who work hard. The Catholic Central community works each day to bring their best in using their God-given abilities to grow in faith and knowledge. 

Catholic schools are different because... 

the presence of the Holy Spirit is alive in the classrooms and inspires students and teachers to bring their best.

What drew you to teaching at a Catholic school? 

I spent eight years in the Catholic school system. I attended St. Anthony of Padua school, so I knew from a student perspective the impact of a Catholic education. My teachers at St. Anthony were so dedicated and filled with joy in their jobs, and I knew that was what wanted. I have always been involved in my faith, so I knew I wanted to work in a setting where I could openly live my faith and help high school students develop theirs. Teaching at a Catholic school is God's plan for me, and I am thankful each day for having this opportunity.

What is your favorite part about teaching? What are your greatest rewards? 

My favorite part of teaching is interacting with my students, helping them develop their knowledge in mathematics. We celebrate the victories and work through the struggles, and through it all we have fun. I love seeing students develop their confidence in their God-given ability to learn and work hard. The greatest reward is developing relationships with students, which goes beyond knowing the mathematical content. Being involved and listening to students as they share a part of their story and journey daily is so rewarding, entertaining and humbling. 

In your experience, what do Catholic schools do best? What does your school do best? 

Catholic schools do a great job making a student feel loved and appreciated.  Catholic Central does a great job in teaching and helping our students discover their God-given abilities. As a school community, we lead and strive to serve the needs of those around us. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Mary, we persevere in building the kingdom of God.

From the Principal:

Kelli brings joy and excitement to learning math and inspires her students to challenge themselves and support each other. She openly shares her strong faith, her passion for math and her belief in her students, and this is evident in the connections she builds with her students and the welcoming environment she creates in her classroom. Kelli is patient and takes the time to help students persevere through challenges, and she inspires and supports a growth mindset in her instruction, welcoming students' questions and supporting their ideas. 

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