Photos: St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School runs for family, health, and community

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St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School held their 3rd annual Family Fun Run on September 19. Over 180 people came dressed as American Olympians, ran a challenging obstacle course, and just enjoyed being together. With a festival-like feel, there was a picnic, a few raffles, and a dunk tank. 


"Every year we do a different theme, and it is always so exciting how dressed up the families come. The Fun Run is successful because it promotes health while connecting the parish & school community," commented Ben Novitsky, marketing intern for St. Anthony.


This year, they tied their Family Fun Run to a program called "Building Healthy Communities." BHC is a school-based program focused on addressing the social determinants of health that have contributed to wide disparities in many communities across Michigan. It provides necessary resources to facilitate a healthier school environment, prevent chronic disease, and improve student mental health. In the midst of a pandemic, what a great focus for St. Anthony families - to lift others up as a community. 


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