St. Stephen Catholic School

East Grand Rapids, MI
Preschool-8th Grade
St. Stephen School Building

Welcome to St. Stephen Catholic School, where we have maintained a tradition of faith-based academic excellence for over 90 years.

Here we embrace diversity of all kinds, be it racial, socioeconomic or religious. Our students live in the real world, growing in compassion and understanding as they experience a variety of cultures, learning styles and viewpoints. Outside the classroom, students build community through an assortment of annual all-school activities. From preschool through eighth grade, our students know one another and feel part of the St. Stephen family.

Our dedicated teachers guide each student toward their full potential. Whether a student excels above grade level or needs extra support, our teachers ensure that each student receives the instruction they need. Our graduates are well prepared for high school and their names are frequently found on the honor roll lists at Catholic Central and other area high schools.

Beyond academics, our students grow in faith through prayer and a personal relationship with God. By putting faith at the center of all we do, we provide our students a moral compass and core values that will last a lifetime.

St. Stephen Catholic School: Learning Today. Living Our Faith. Leading Tomorrow.

Elizabeth Black


An apostolate of Saint Stephen Parish, the mission of Saint Stephen Catholic School is to partner with parents in the whole person formation of their child who is made in the image of God and destined for communion with Him.

Our Educational Vision

Our educational vision begins with the understanding that culture (understood in the broadest sense of the word) shapes and engages the developing child in loving and desiring truth. Christian anthropology grounds our vibrant school culture and finds expression in every aspect of school life: from our rich liberal arts curriculum and pedagogy to our student life and approach to discipline.


St. Stephen fosters a community of respect, kindness, and love. Prayer is woven into our school day and we provide many opportunities for students to build their relationship with God. Each day begins and ends with an all-school prayer. Through a variety of volunteer activities, students are given the opportunity to help others in our school and wider community. Middle school students are required to perform service hours each quarter.

In addition to daily religion class and attending weekly Mass, St. Stephen provides students with a number of spiritually enriching annual events including: the Living Rosary, Stations of the Cross, the Living Stations, daily Advent prayer, an all-school Seder Meal, and a special May Crowning.


At St. Stephen we offer a variety of sports for students in 5th - 8th grade. Sports choices include: cross country, football, soccer, basketball, track, lacrosse, volleyball, wrestling, sideline cheer, competitive cheer, baseball and softball.

Children's choir is offered through our St. Stephen Catholic Parish music director. Participants sing for the weekly Wednesday Masses and at the children's service on Christmas Eve.

A variety of winter, summer, and school year camps are also offered. These camps change yearly, but usually include cooking, science and technology offerings.

St. Stephen also has a very active Cub Scout troop that meets multiple times a month.

Preschool-8th Grade

740 Gladstone Ave. SE
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
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