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Classroom Correspondents: New Enrichment for St. Thomas Middle School

September 27, 2017

The eighth grade students at St. Thomas the Apostle publish their own weekly middle school newsletter called Saint Thomas Insider.

The students serve as reporters for the school, visiting classrooms and activities throughout the year. In this week's Saint Thomas Insider, they explain a new virtual exchange program in their middle school:

"St. Thomas now has enrichment for middle school! This year 6th grade is the only grade participating in it though. This enrichment class is a virtual Chinese student exchange. St. Thomas is partnered with the No.2 School in Guyuan, China. The people participating in this class send videos about the American culture and way of life. In exchange, these 17 Chinese students send videos back about the Chinese culture and way of life. St.Thomas is the only school in America participating in this type of class*. This program will continue throughout the whole school year. Mr. David Du, helps Chinese exchange students at West Catholic, is our liaison and has been instrumental in connecting us to these Chinese students. Mrs. Jeanne Walch, our Enrichment teacher, is in charge of this virtual exchange program."

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