Giving the gift of religious education from the Catholic Foundation of West Michigan

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Theology of the Body Group Shot

To start the 2021-2022 school year, our alliance of 31 Catholic schools received an incredible gift from the Karen M. Weber Charitable Fund for Theology of the Body at the Catholic Foundation of West Michigan. This fund was established in 2020 to expand awareness and encourage deeper study of St. John Paul II’s teachings. 

St. John Paul II’s teachings on Theology of the Body provide an uplifting, inspiring Catholic worldview, defining what it means to be human - the gift of being made in the image and likeness of God, as male and female, called to love as God loves. Not only can these teachings provide profound perspective on why we are here and how we are to reach our ultimate destiny, but are also capable of healing our souls and transforming our faith communities. 

The gift? Every teacher in our diocese received a copy of Eclipse of the Body by Christopher West, president and lecturer of Theology of the Body Institute. This book provides a solid basis for hope that darkness will pass as Mary's Immaculate Heart triumphs. Additionally, every school received Theology of the Body curriculum entitled, Revealed, for kindergarteners through 5th graders. With these tools, every person in our schools is encouraged to understand his or her importance and uniqueness as created by the Lord. 

Thank you, Karen M. Weber and the Catholic Foundation of West Michigan!