Three Catholic School Students compete at 46th Annual Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee

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Three Catholic School students were among 16 contestants at the 46th Annual Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee that took place yesterday, March 28. This year marks the first time since the pandemic that the spelling bee has been held, and the excitement from students was clear. 

Ariadne from All Saints Academy, Gavin from St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School, and Sachiel from Corpus Christi Catholic School - had to compete at their local schools and then at a regional level in order to qualify for the few spots at the Grand Rapids bee. The first round of spelling bees had 130 schools participating, with hundreds of students competing. Winners of that round were able to move to the regional level spelling bees, of which there were 8. 

The spelling bee on Tuesday night lasted 18 rounds, which is a tribute to the talent and ability of all 16 of the contestants. While there was only one winner from Rockford Public Schools to advance to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, audience members remarked with amazement on the skill of all of the contestants and their excellent sportsmanship as they encouraged each other even as they were disqualified. Each contestant was sent home at the end of the night with a plaque to commemorate their achievement.

 "I think I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. It created a lot of anxiety. But it also helped me to remember to give difficulties to God instead of holding on to them and doing it all by myself," commented Ariadne.

Please join us in congratulating our top representative spellers, Ariadne, Gavin & Sachiel! 

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