Your child can grow in faith and grace at a Catholic school

Students pray at a school Mass.

“I like praying in school because it’s peaceful and it gives me time to get to know God. When I pray, I feel good because I know God is listening to me.”

Moments of prayer are part of every day in a Catholic school. With Jesus Christ as the foundation of everything we do, we educate the whole student: mind, body and soul.

As a result, our relationship with God is the basis for our learning and our co-curricular activities. When we study science and discover how our universe works, for example, we see God’s fingerprints. And with a spirit of Christian sportsmanship, whether on the basketball court or at a robotics competition, we encourage each other to pursue our God-given potential.

Throughout our alliance of 31 Catholic schools across the Diocese of Grand Rapids, students grow in faith and grace each day – preparing them for a lifelong relationship with Christ, and a future of using their gifts to serve others.

By choosing Catholic education for your family, you’re choosing a school where children pray every day, learn the rich teachings of our faith, and worship at Mass. Contact our admissions team to learn more about enrolling in a Catholic school.

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Catholic schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids are an alliance of 31 vibrant learning communities (26 elementary and five high schools) serving more than 6,000 preschool through 12th grade students throughout West Michigan. Our schools inspire young people to grow in Catholic faith and grace, achieve more in school and life, develop creativity and character, and feel welcomed and cherished for their unique gifts. We partner with parents to awaken the whole child to a world of light and life — that grows better and brighter when children reach their potential.