Encounter Jesus.

Your child will grow in faith and grace in any one of the Catholic schools in Diocese of Grand Rapids. Our 26 elementary and five high schools educate the whole child for a life of encounter with Jesus Christ. We are devoted to helping students develop in every dimension of life – nurturing a relationship with Christ as the foundation of an inspiring program of academic study.

National research shows that students who attend Catholic schools are more likely to practice their faith, consider a religious vocation and be civically involved. Our students become community members who vote, give generously and serve others.

Help your child on the journey to heaven by sending them to a Catholic school in the Diocese of Grand Rapids. Click here to get started!

Beauty Goodness Truth CC


Catholic schools teach beauty, goodness, and truth on a daily basis. To students, their parents, teachers, and the community at large. What do we mean when we say "beauty, goodness, and truth?" See below:

  • Beauty: This refers to the appreciation and pursuit of beauty in all its forms—art, music, literature, nature, and the human person. In Catholic thought, beauty reflects the glory of God and can lead individuals to a deeper understanding of their faith and the world around them.
  • Goodness: Goodness encompasses moral virtue, ethical behavior, and the pursuit of justice. Catholic schools aim to cultivate a strong sense of morality and character in their students, encouraging them to live lives of integrity, compassion, and service to others.
  • Truth: Truth is understood as both revealed truth, as found in Scripture and tradition, and natural truth, as discovered through reason and inquiry. Catholic education seeks to impart knowledge and wisdom while guiding students in the search for truth in all aspects of life—spiritual, intellectual, and moral.

Together, these three values form the foundation of a Catholic education, guiding students in their personal and intellectual development while fostering a deep sense of faith, morality, and responsibility to others.



Beauty Goodness Truth