St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School

Grand Rapids, MI
Preschool-8th Grade
St. Thomas School Building

It takes a village to raise a child. At Saint Thomas, it takes the love and wisdom of parents, talented and devoted Catholic teachers, and a dedicated parish community to raise an honorable child of the light.

New families often mention that "special something" in our school. This intangible feeling is the synergy created by parents, students and teachers working together in project-based investigative learning. We are well known for developing leaders at Saint Thomas within a targeted servant leadership program while providing a highly challenging educational experience.

Faith is first at Saint Thomas, prayer is not something we do, it is who we are. Dynamic education is ever changing. It is recognizing each individual in the school and inviting them to share their unique gifts. It is attending to each child's needs, accepting our differences, and embracing our diversity. Dynamic education is constantly thinking outside the box and anticipating the future. A Saint Thomas education is a dynamic education.

Please accept my invitation to visit and experience first-hand that "something special" at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School.

God Bless,

Suzi Furtwangler

Suzi Furtwangler


Dynamic Catholic Education Centered in Christ


Students learn with their eyes, ears, mouths, and bodies. Combining research with best practices, we utilize project-based investigative learning, intentional multi-aged classroom opportunities, strategy grouping and a differentiated approach to instruction which encompasses various learning styles to develop critical thinking skills. We use cross-curricular teaching methods to facilitate learning and academic excellence.

Our Resource Program collaborates with the Christian Learning Center and Grand Rapids Public Schools to provide individual student-centered planning and support services for students with learning differences. Intentional mentorship opportunities support our Servant Leadership model and develop conscientious and honorable future community leaders.


The very first promise we make to our parents, is that we are unapologetically Catholic, and have fearless faith at the forefront of all we do. Each part of the school day is an active response to our faith. At morning Chapel, we pray together as a school community, study a virtue and immerse ourselves in thoughtful prayer and devotion before we start each day. Weekly Mass, adoration and middle school meetings with our pastor provide a solid faith foundation. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Theology of the Body and Dynamic Catholic Decision Point programs solidify faith for children.


We believe that every child is gifted and our work is to recognize, support and nurture each child's individual needs and talents. School-wide enrichment programming expands classroom learning for those who are ready. Our unique early childhood program offers Preschool and Kindergarten enrichment stretching the hearts, minds and souls of our youngest learners. Programs such as the week-long immersion at the public museum offer elementary students with real-world experiences. Our middle school students end their week with a wide variety of enrichment choices such as Chinese, Creative Dance, Chess, Personal Health and Fitness and Fundamentals of Law.

Preschool-8th Grade

1429 Wilcox Park Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
United States


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