St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School

Grand Rapids, MI
Preschool-8th Grade
A group of students at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School.

Saint Thomas the Apostle School is located near Wilcox Park on the southeast side of Grand Rapids. We faithfully serve 320+ students per year from preschool three-year-old through 8th grade. More than 200 families from Ada, Forest Hills, Rockford, Kentwood, Lowell, East Grand Rapids, Eastown and many other Grand Rapids neighborhoods entrust us each year to educate their children.

At Saint Thomas, “faith is first” permeates and propels academics, extra-curriculars and conduct, producing unapologetically Catholic students. We place Christ at the center of our children's education. We include prayer, worship, study, and the Sacraments as part of our school day – every school day. We partner with our larger parish community, sharing gifts, activities, retreat opportunities and some aspects of our Sacramental Preparation with Saint Thomas the Apostle parishioners.

Because we believe that all students are made in the image and likeness of God, we are an inclusive school and feel called to educate all students regardless of learning differences or abilities. Our classrooms are inclusive utilizing different configurations, instructional differentiation and special programs and materials. We have a vibrant Educational Support Services department working throughout the classrooms to ensure student success.

Our proprietary student leadership model ensures our 8th graders successfully lead our students and their future schools and communities. This is the heart of who we are as Catholics and a noted quality of our Saint Thomas students. Pairing older students with younger ones is an experience we find successfully builds leadership and a sense of community. Older students assist younger ones in Math, Reading and Science classes. Practices such as this combined with our targeted instruction ensure our students act and lead in an honorable way.

Parents are our valued partners in educating Saint Thomas children. They create the atmosphere for which we are known. Their faith supports the rich Christ-centered learning and their actions reinforce what we stand for as a school community. Parents are the primary educator of their child. Together we bring out the gifts of Saint Thomas students.

A Saint Thomas education is a dynamic education.

Please accept our invitation to visit and experience first-hand that "something special" at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School.

Ryan Corcoran


Dynamic Catholic Education Centered in Christ


Through our Educational Support Services, we provide an inclusive and accessible education that enables students with disabilities to attend Saint Thomas while receiving appropriate, specially designed instruction within general education classrooms in the same curriculum as their typically-developing peers.

Our Enrichment program offers programming that expands classroom learning for those who are ready with research, first-hand experiences and higher-level thinking. We believe each student is unique and their education should be too. Research shows that a diverse student body promotes tolerance, acceptance, dignity, and respect. Our objective is to provide tools so students study, learn and reach their learning goals.

Dynamic education is ever changing. It is recognizing each individual in the school and inviting them to share their unique gifts. It is attending to each child's needs, accepting our differences, and embracing our diversity. Dynamic education is constantly thinking outside the box and anticipating the future. A Saint Thomas education is a dynamic education.


The very first promise we make to our parents, is that we are unapologetically Catholic, and have fearless faith at the forefront of all we do. Each part of the school day is an active response to our faith. At morning Chapel, we pray together as a school community, study a virtue and immerse ourselves in thoughtful prayer and devotion before we start each day. Weekly Mass, adoration and middle school meetings with our pastor provide a solid faith foundation. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Theology of the Body and Dynamic Catholic Decision Point programs solidify faith for children.


Beyond the classroom, our Saint Thomas students' education is complimented through programs such as choir, our annual musical and variety show, eSports, Science Olympiad, You Be the Chemist, recycling, and servant leadership programming such as adopting Christmas families, intergenerational programming with a neighboring senior home, and our new Help for the Homeless food and blanket program. GRACEAC sports are offered for grades 5-8, while we also support Girls on the Run. We provide retreats for grades K-8 and scholastic programming range from Spelling Bee to Creating on the Margins, to a Saint I Know essay contest.

Preschool-8th Grade

1429 Wilcox Park Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
United States