Holy Trinity's Remarkable Journey in Science Olympiad

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Holy Trinity Olympiad

Laura Guzman, the Skills Support Teacher at Holy Trinity Catholic School, has been leading students on an extraordinary journey in the Science Olympiad. Over the past few years, their achievements have been nothing short of remarkable.

In 2022, Holy Trinity made their debut in the Region 12 Tournament at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) participating as the Catholic school in the competition. That year they secured 9 medals. The following year, their success soared, claiming 15 medals at GVSU and adding 2 medals and 2 ribbons at the Allendale Science Olympiad Invitational.

Competing against larger schools like Grand Haven and Grandville in what is considered the toughest science competition in the country, Holy Trinity's victories are a testament to their dedication and perseverance. Meeting every Wednesday after school from late November through March, Laura's middle school students showcase their phenomenal talent.

Science Olympiad events range from building and flying airplanes and air trajectories, to building and testing towers, roller coasters, and wheeled vehicles. There are also study events like anatomy, powder identification, crime solving, code busting, and meteorology. Participants need to be well versed in each event and agile enough to respond when surprise challenges are thrown into the mix.

Fast forward to 2024, and Holy Trinity's success continues to flourish. With a team of 11 students, they clinched an impressive 15 medals at the latest GVSU Region 12 Science Olympiad Tournament. Laura boasts, “My students did everything completely on their own time. And the community really supports my little team. Kathy Rand, our principal, got this group started and finds the funding each year to sustain it. We are so grateful for her continued support. Our event coaches include grandpas, parents, and school staff, including our maintenance supervisor. They all have showed up at every practice since November. For a small school to do this well does not happen often. These are hardworking students who never give up. Two of my eighth graders have been with me for three years. Sophia and Morgan wanted to go out with a bang. They did! Sophia did 5 events and medaled in every single one, and Morgan medaled in 4 out of 5 events. They studied every single extra minute they could find. I am so proud to be their coach!”

As Laura proudly reflects on her team's growth, from overwhelmed beginners to confident competitors, it's clear that Holy Trinity's journey in the Science Olympiad is not just about medals, but about building leadership and community, and empowering students to push their limits. And with each victory, they prove that size doesn't determine success!

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