West Catholic High School Awards First Certificate of Completion

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A few short weeks ago, we congratulated 307 seniors who graduated from our five Catholic high schools. Among these outstanding graduates in the class of 2022 is Jill Reens (pictured here with Mrs. Emily Hoffman). 

Jill received the first Certificate of Completion from West Catholic High School (WC). Growing up as an exceptional learner with social and cognitive differences, Jill had a modified curriculum in elementary school at St. Anthony of Padua. In 7th grade, her family sought out WC for observation and preparation. Emily Hoffman, Director of the Support Services Department, spent a lot of time with the Reens family and was convinced WC was the best next step for Jill. Emily decided they would do more and pull back if needed …but they didn’t need to pull back. Jill thrived and walked across the stage with her peers on May 24. 

Emily managed Jill’s support services and worked diligently with WC teachers to provide adaptable yet challenging material. “We have two teachers who have degrees in special education, but all have risen to the occasion,” said Emily. Additionally, Jill was accompanied by a strong class from St. Anthony and they have been described as “fierce protectors” of their friend. Jill found success in Art Club, as the Assistant Equipment Manager for the football team, as an intern for the Athletic Office and Food Service, and a Yearbook Staff Member.

“We are thrilled that students of all abilities are welcome and experiencing Catholic schools,” remarked Dave Faber, Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids. “More and more families are finding the schools within our alliance to be just what their child needed.” 

Jill will now attend a transition services program through KentISD and split her time between classroom learning and a job placement in Rockford. God bless you, Jill!

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