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Delivering the full value of a Catholic education amid many snow days

May 10, 2019

Our severe winter weather caused many snow days. To make up for some of the lost instructional time, our Catholic schools that haven’t already made up lost days are extending the school year by the number of snow days beyond nine. This is part of our commitment to deliver the full value of a Catholic education.

Typically, public schools allow up to six snow days, plus they can apply to the state superintendent for an additional three days, before they are required to make up time or risk losing funding. State leaders have now approved a new law forgiving an additional four snow days this year, allowing up to 13 snow days which do not need to be made up.

Because our Catholic schools do not depend on state funding, we have the flexibility to exceed what the state requires of public schools. We’re using this flexibility to limit our lost instructional time to the six snow days we would allow in a typical year, plus the three additional days granted to most districts.

We’ve made this commitment to extend the year because research clearly demonstrates that instructional time on task and consistent, high expectations are critical to students’ academic achievement -- and we owe our families the opportunity for these benefits. When these days are approached with a positive attitude, excellent planning, and a dedication to excellence, the extended portion of the school year will provide more of what makes Catholic schools unique: daily opportunities to encounter Jesus Christ and the increased likelihood of student success.

Together, we will have a strong finish!

In Christ,



Dave Faber
Superintendent of Catholic Schools


Check with your Catholic school for specific information about your last day of school.

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