Educational Technology Director's "Innovate with Intent" approach featured at statewide conference

Students using ipads

Equipping students to use technology to achieve their own goals and to benefit society as a whole was the focus when the Diocese of Grand Rapids Director of Educational Technology addressed a statewide conference.

Director of Educational Technology Carol Glanville delivered the keynote at the MANS 2016 Technology Gathering on December 9. MANS, the Michigan Association of Non-public Schools, hosts the event to help educators effectively align technology integration with teaching and learning.

West Catholic High School students using iPads​ in the classroom.

The invitation to deliver the keynote shows the Diocese of Grand Rapids provides an example for schools elsewhere to follow, Glanville said. “It reflects really well on the program we’ve established here. While most schools are working to integrate technology, few have dedicated staff to coordinate those efforts.”

Glanville says people tend still to see the devices we use as separate from our learning, but her “Innovate with Intent” approach means learning comes first and requires embedding technology in every content area in ways that support learning. Skills and values associated with technology use, like collaboration, research, and analysis, should also be reinforced in the moments when students aren’t using technology. There are ways of arranging classroom seating, for instance, that facilitate collaboration.

As Director of Educational Technology, Glanville is working with Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology Integration Jill Annable to embed digital literacies in every content area of the curriculum. Glanville also provides technology consulting to schools and coordinates professional development opportunities for educators, including iCamp, an event for diocesan teachers to network and share their own best practices with each other.

Diocese of Grand Rapids Superintendent for Catholic Schools Dave Faber said Glanville’s expertise is vital. “I am grateful for the talented school leaders, like Carol, who have contributed to the positive growth of our schools and programmatic offerings in the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Grand Rapids. Carol has led the way in moving our two largest schools, Catholic Central and West Catholic high schools, in the implementation of our Learners 2 Leaders program. This program included, among other things, a seamless 1:1 implementation of iPads into instruction for all students and faculty, and she made it look easy.”

More information about how Catholic schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids use technology in the classroom is available here, and Learners 2 Leaders is featured here. Learn more about MANS and the MANS 2016 Technology Gathering at this link.

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