Global Hour of Code activities sharpen Muskegon Catholic Central students' programming skills

MCC Coding

Muskegon Catholic Central students in 1st through 12th grade have joined students around the world in learning about computer science through Hour of Code activities.

Hour of Code is an initiative by nonprofit to make computer programming more accessible and to introduce more students to the in-demand field of computer science. has reached about millions of students through Hour of Code activities since 2013.

Hour of Code activities are available year-round, with special emphasis during Computer Science Education Week (December 5-11, 2016). On Wednesday, December 7, Muskegon Catholic Central students joined global peers to use Hour of Code activities to see what they can make computers do. Students in 1st through 6th grade completed fun coding activities based on familiar cartoon characters and involving arranging blocks of code on the screen. Students in 7th through 12th grades participated in a variety of activities, from building a website, creating their own music mix, and building an iPhone app.

Since Muskegon Catholic Central first began participating in Hour of Code activities, students have shown a continuing interest in computer science. Many request more Hour of Code activities for their computer lab free time. Others report spending time at home on Hour of Code projects.

In addition to participating in international Hour of Code events during Computer Science Education Week, Muskegon Catholic Central students learn about coding in their classes through the whole school year, and Muskegon Catholic Central's recently-launched "hacking club" meets after school to use computer coding to solve real-life problems.

Muskegon Catholic Central serves more than 400 students in preschool through 12th grade. Learn more here.

Learn more about Hour of Code here.

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