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Teacher Feature - Mike Fillman, All Saints Academy

November 6, 2017

Please tell us about yourself. 

I am new to teaching in the Diocese of Grand Rapids this fall, but I am not new to teaching. I retired from teaching in June 2015 after 31 years at Lowell Area Schools (mostly at the 5th grade level). I then became the education coordinator at WGVU Public Media for two years. During this time, I discovered I still had too much energy and enthusiasm for science and science education to be retired from the classroom.

Describe your school. 

All Saints Academy truly values the Catholic faith and places the emphasis on “forming saints to serve all!” I am very impressed with the staff’s dedication to show students to live the faith.

Catholic schools are different because... 

We share the faith with students and teach them what it means to be like Christ.

What drew you to teaching at a Catholic school? 

The opportunity to share the faith with students! When I was teaching in public schools for 31 years, I always had the thought of how meaningful it must be to attend Mass with students. I am thankful and blessed that I have the opportunity to now experience this special connection with them.

What is your favorite part about teaching? What are your greatest rewards? 

My favorite part about teaching is knowing I have the opportunity to make a positive difference in students' lives from the faith, educational, and personal aspects – and to help students be the best they can be spiritually, academically, socially and behaviorally. The greatest reward of teaching is having students share a "thank you" and having them express how I’ve made a difference in their life. Also, when you get invitations to attend former students’ high school graduation open houses, weddings, etc., these are my true rewards of teaching.

In your experience, what do Catholic schools do best? What does your school do best? 

Catholic schools do best with building the faith as the most important priority in life and having each student and staff member focus on living the faith together. All Saints Academy truly focuses on having students learn the faith and live it!

From the Principal:

Mike is an inspiring science teacher who brings STEM activities to life for his students with technology integration, hands-on investigations, invention challenges, and real world connections!

Learn more about All Saints Academy Middle School at this link.