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The true spirit of Catholic education

August 22, 2017

Although it feels like we were just putting away the backpacks and packing the suitcases for the best summer vacation ever, we find ourselves already into the new school year. This provides a great opportunity to reflect on your priorities for your childrens' education. What is most important to you? Surely we all expect a superior curriculum presented by passionate teachers that respect and challenge our kids, we desire co-curricular opportunies that allow children to develop new skills, we seek a secure environment that ensures everyone's safety, but what about the Catholic immersion?

This blog from Patheos shares how Catholic schools can take your child's education to a new level.

I was taught that while accomplishments matter and success is important, achievement uninformed by faith, purpose, & character will ultimately be hollow. As my dad said, “It’s not just about what you do, it’s about who you are.” It was a philosophy I have never forgotten and still value deeply.

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