Sacred Heart Academy wins national award for exceptional teaching

The Sacred Heart Academy crest.

Sacred Heart Academy in Grand Rapids has been awarded this year’s Henry Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching from Hillsdale College. The school will receive a $25,000 award to use for books, equipment, and other educational materials.

“We are humbled and overjoyed to receive this prestigious award,” said Sean Maltbie, headmaster of Sacred Heart Academy. “This is such a rejuvenating recognition of all the hard work being done by the dedicated men and women at our Academy, especially in such a difficult and uncertain school year.”

The Salvatori Prize has three objectives:

  • to focus attention on teaching
  • to support deserving schools with funds for books, equipment, and other educational materials
  • to promote the principles of classical liberal arts education

Sacred Heart Academy was evaluated on both their curriculum and pedagogy in three areas: academic program, virtue, and citizenship. The school demonstrated excellence in teaching the liberal arts and sciences, inculcating virtue in their students, and promoting students’ understanding of man’s political life as a responsible citizen.

“Our school has received so many blessings since re-founding as a classical academy,” said Zachary Good, dean of faculty and curriculum. “The dedication of our parents and the support of our benefactors allows our faculty to stay mission driven, which for us is a focus on the highest and best pursuits of Christian living. The study of the true, good and beautiful handed down through the Western tradition, all cultivating a life of virtue — this is made possible by daily nourishment in the sacramental life of the Church.”

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Sacred Heart Academy is a parish apostolate of Sacred Heart of Jesus dedicated to assisting families, forming Catholics, and cultivating culture. Sacred Heart is a private school that has been serving Catholic families on the west side of Grand Rapids, Michigan since 1905. In 2013 the school was re-founded as a classical, Catholic academy focused on living the sacraments daily and building a curriculum that reflects a love of truth, goodness, beauty.

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