Student-built planetarium inspires imaginations at Saint Thomas the Apostle

students with their built planetarium

With a short list of down-to-Earth supplies, a group of Saint Thomas the Apostle students studying the constellations built something out of this world: their very own planetarium.

Putting it together

The students behind the project made it as part of the enrichment class at Saint Thomas. They set up their planetarium in the gym, making it out of a 20’x50’ sheet of black plastic, folded in half and taped at the edges to form a big pouch.

They cut a small door near one corner, and they cut another hole at the opposite corner and taped the opening of a garbage bag to it. Then they cut the bottom off the garbage bag to make it into a tube, in order to tape that other end to a box fan that inflates the planetarium. It inflates enough for students to sit inside.

Finally, they poked holes in the plastic to allow in light representing the stars.

It’s a design they found on the NASA website.

Once it was set up, the rest of the school was invited to come visit!

Sharing their learning

Classes took turns seeing the planetarium on December 18. The enrichment students presented about the various constellations they depicted, including the Big Dipper, Cygnus, and Canis Major. They shared facts such as when and where they’re visible, as well as notable stars they include, like Polaris, Deneb, and Sirius.

See photos in the gallery  at this link.

Enrichment classes like this one run for several weeks at a time, said teacher Mrs. Jeanne Walch. The different sessions each focus on different topics, giving students opportunities to develop their interests. This session on constellations began with using small science kits to build hand-held models of the night sky. The students expressed a lot of interest in taking on this larger scale project, too.

Educating for the future

This project has presented opportunities for various lessons in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) -- not only about the stars but also about how to design and build something so unique.

And now that it’s built, this planetarium is available for Saint Thomas students to use multiple times. In years to come, students can cover up the constellation holes with black tape and poke new ones for different constellations.

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