Support Let Michigan Kids Learn Legislation

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We have a unique opportunity right now in the state of Michigan, a petition drive called Let Michigan Kids Learn. Two petitions are being circulated as part of the drive. These measures were previously approved by the State Legislature but vetoed by Governor Whitmer. This petition would accomplish two things:

1. Create "student opportunity scholarships" for families for their out-of-pocket educational expenses, including Catholic school tuition and

2. Create a state tax credit for donations to scholarship organizations, including existing Catholic school foundations. Scholarship organizations would then provide funds to qualifying public and nonpublic school students for tutoring, school supplies, computers, and tuition among other expenses.

This initiative must gain at least 340,000 signatures on each of two separate petitions. The goal is to provide more freedom and choice for parents to chose the best education for their children. This is not a school voucher! Vouchers are funded by the government. With this legislation, scholarship granting organizations would distribute money given by donors who receive a tax credit.

As of April 5, 

  • 100,293 signatures have been collected to support Opportunity Scholarships
  • 90,294 signatures have been collected to support the accompanying state tax credit
  • Groups participating in the collection of signatures include Churches and schools of many denominations, charter schools, homeschool groups, grassroots activists, and paid circulators at major events and conventions across the state
    • Many of these institutions have just begun collecting signatures
    • Not all of the signatures mailed in have been counted yet
    • With all of these petitions now in the field and 7+ weeks left to verify signatures, a successful drive is not an insurmountable task 
  • Current advertising includes a large digital presence, OpEds, and radio ads across the state

To continue this momentum, we need your support. Please prayerfully consider signing each petition to 1) create the scholarship program and 2) approve the tax credit. Sign both petitions, only once, at your local Catholic school or parish before May 1st. 

Requirements for financial eligibility are as follows: 


Now is the time to support Michigan's students and parents. The Michigan Catholic Conference, on behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Michigan, supports this nonpartisan effort which is why we can circulate the petitions in Catholic churches and schools. For additional resources, visit For specific questions, email Thank you in advance for supporting this important initiative!